Road Transport

Our Road Transportation Services

                      How We Work

You make an inquiry and we book an inspection with you to take proper inventory of the items you need to move.

Our relocation officer inspects your inventory items immediately on the scheduled date.

Once the inspection is done, we send you a quote and other documentations required

We Move your cargo from point of collection to destination

  1. Our Services

Residential / Home Move: Moving to a new home does not have to be stressful. FOB gets you a full-serviced experience team that ensures that your move to a new home is stress-free, efficient and very effective. Whether you’re moving a flat / apartment, a duplex, bungalow or mansion, our professional movers are well equipped to support you.

Commercial /Office Move: Whether you are moving your office or warehouse, our team of experienced movers and packers are the best choice to ensure that you can sit back and relax with full expectation that your move will be carried out professionally.

Out of Town / Interstate Move: Move out of your current town of residence can be as fast and seamless with FOB. Our trucks are well insured to help ensure that your goods are safe. Whether you are moving to the next state or moving across the nation, our team is always prepared to give you the best services.

Benefits to Clients

Save valuable time

High level of transparency, reassurance for all parties during transaction process.

Ability to track vehicles at all time to point of delivery

Use verified Trucks and Driver

Our tracking solution creates greater security and efficiency

You always know at any time location of the truck and your load

Complete truck and driver documents verification

Comprehensive Goods in Transit Insurance Policy